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Thank you for inquiring about our monitoring service. If you would like Handicappers Watchdog (HWD) to monitor your plays, the cost is $150 every 6 months.

These are the services we offer:

Award Banners: Top handicappers from each sports will receive monthly (15 graded plays min) and season awards (30 graded plays) to display on your website. Your awards will also be displayed on the monitor until new awards are issued.

Sell Picks: You can sell your picks directly from the monitor. All we need is a PayPal address to pay you at the end of each month, and we'll turn the feature on per your request. Your sales statistics are displayed on your profile page which only you can see. The monitor doesn't earn a commission from pick package sales. Since we use PayPal to collect payments, we will send you the total amount of sales minus the 3% charge from PayPal.

Custom Lines: Our lines come from 5Dimes. If you have a different line, you can send us an email before gametime and we will make the necessary changes.

Promotions: Handicappers are marketed throughout the monitor to generate more traffic to the handicapper. All relevant tweets are re tweeted by HWDog.

Customer Service: Handicappers Watchdog's Customer service is the best in the industry, just ask around. We answer all your emails and Direct Messages quickly and effeciently.


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