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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions on the monitor. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

How do I start making picks?
1. First you register here.
2. We'll then send you an invoice for the first 6 months ($150)
3. After invoice has been paid we'll contact you with your login information.
4. Once you receive your login information, login and go to the make picks page.
5. Select the sport and league on the left.
6. Select your unit value by clicking the up/down arrows on the right of the odds.
7. Click the odds you want to make a pick on. It will turn yellow when entered.
8. Verify your picks are entered on your profile page.

What if the monitor doesn't offer a game that's needed?
All you need to do is email us with the game, pick, and odds before game time. Once the pick and odds are verified accurate with what's available at most books, we'll enter it for you.

What if the game is offered, but I have a different spread or odds?
Please select what the monitor has available. If you have an issue with the spread, send us an email before game time with the pick, spread, and odds you want. Once we verify the spread and odds are accurate with what's available at most books, we'll change the pick for you, however, this will not be an immediate fix. Please allow up to 24 hours for the change to be made.

What book do you get your odds from and why?
Our lines come from They have almost all the lines from every sport worldwide.
*We are in no way associated with

Do you have decimal odds?
Currently, we don't have decimal odds available.

What if a game is graded incorrectly?
Although rare, it does happen that we grade a game/pick incorrectly. If a game is graded incorrectly, just contact us at and we'll get the game corrected as soon as possible.

Do you have advertising available?
Yes, check out our advertising page for rates and availability.

How do I add a Handicappers Watchdog banner to my site?
Banners are available on our banners page. If you are having issues with the coding, feel free to contact us.